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Lost Raven Chronicles

Guiding men and women through community and education to bring traditional values and skills to a modern world

Liquid Bubbles

Presented by Anthony and Denise of Rugged on the Rocks LLC

Its 2020, the world is quickly going to shit. I wake up every morning with a pit in my stomach trying to figure out how I'm going to keep my babies safe. As many of us felt the world closing in on us during what was quite possibly some of the most uncertain times we've seen in our time on this earth Denise and I decided that we couldn't just sit back and watch. We had to learn to provide for ourselves. provide for our family. We quickly learned that there weren't a ton of good resources for two 30 something year olds from New Jersey to learn how to become self reliant and provide their babies with a life they deserved. And so was born Lost Raven Chronicles. Join us on our journey as we navigate this still very uncertain world and pave a path of self- reliance for ourselves and our children.

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