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Review of the Out N Bright Tactical Flashlight

The Out N Bright Tactical Flashlight is a Jack of all trades, packing an impressive array of features into a compact design. This EDC flashlight proves to be a solid piece of survival kit concealed right within your pocket or hooked on your bag.

With its six dynamic light modes, you'll be equipped to handle any situation, from navigating dark paths to signaling for help with the red emergency light. The astonishingly bright 800 lumens LED ensures you won't be left in the dark.

Beyond just illumination, this flashlight is a multi-functional tool with a range of handy utilities. The inclusion of a lighter, cutter, survival whistle, magnet, carabiner, and screwdrivers enhances its versatility, making it an excellent companion for outdoor adventures or emergency situations.

While it's got a ton of gadgets built into it this is the area that I would like to see a few upgrades. The magnet, it works. I would like to see a stronger magnet so that I'm not worried about losing the light when I need it stuck in a precarious situation. The lighter is awesome! It works in a similar style to the old cigarette lighters in vehicles. My only downfall with that is that I wish it was slightly bigger, you will need some fairly tiny tinder to make use of it. And lastly the bit holder is plastic,with metal reinforcements only on the sides. I would love to see that with a metal insert so that it doesn't strip out if you have a really stubborn screw.

Now I realize that this is a light first and it does that very well. The rest of the add ons are not fails at all, they are actually done very well,and I realize that in order to keep a fair price certain corners might need to be cut but there are a few upgrades I would like to see if they come out with a newer version!

The Tactical Flashlight boasts a rugged aircraft-grade aluminum body. Its lightweight design, weighing only 2.5 ounces, ensures you won't be burdened during your travels. The flashlight features a practical LED battery level indicator and USB C fast charging, guaranteeing you're always prepared with power. The water-resistant IPX4 rating further quantifies its durability.

The Out N Bright Tactical Flashlight comes in a convenient package, including a charging cable and plastic case to keep everything organized and protected.

The Out N Bright Tactical Flashlight stands out as a versatile and reliable EDC flashlight. While I won't say that this light isn't without a few small flaws wheather you're an avid adventurer or simply seeking a reliable tool for everyday use, this light is sure to meet your expectations and prove itself as a valuable addition to your gear collection.

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