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Only Dead Fish Follow the Stream

“Only dead fish follow the stream.”-unknown.

Are you living your life the way you envisioned it? I doubt it. Wewake up, make the coffee, get dressed, go to a job we probably don’t like, sit in traffic to get home, spend some time with your family, go

to bed, and do it all over again the next day…

We have been programmed to believe that this is the way. I’m notbuying it. There’s got to be more to life than this. There has to besomething else out there for us. We are fulfilling someone else dream

every day of our lives. To be fair it is necessary to earn a living and make money. We have to support our family of course, but there has got to be something else for us. Our short time on this planet can’t be spent going to work and grinding away until we’re able to retire or die of stress, whichever comes first.

This is where a hobby comes into play. What else do you do to make the grind bearable?  As most of you know, I turn to Instagram. I enjoy figuring out new ways to show off the stuff I have in my pockets, snapping a photo of it from different angles, finding that perfect edit that makes the photo stand out and have that “ruthless” look to it, and then posting it for Instagram to hide it from the awesome people who follow along, that’s a whole different article in itself.

Maybe start a side hustle? I know how difficult it is for the “little guy” to make any money doing it. Still, if you’re like me then you enjoy the solitude of putting something together with your hands and

presenting it to the world so that the money just ends up being a bonus that’ll help you get more materials. That’s where the worry coin came into play. They will be back at some point. What I’m saying is, that this life is short. Do what makes you happy. If traveling makes you happy, do it. If making something makes you happy, do it. If spending time with your family makes you happy, then do it. This life is difficult already, let’s not make it harder on

ourselves. Find something that helps break up the mundane day-to-day. Something that gets you out of the monotonous routine that will ultimately kill us if we don’t pay attention.

While most fish just go with the river's flow, we need to swim against it. Go sideways, hell swim backward if you have to. Just don’t let the river take you away.

Thank you, Phil


Lead Content Creator


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