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Neches Hunter by 1558 knife co

1558 Knife Co is a company that I'm very proud to have partnered with. I really enjoy everything about this brand. Let’s be serious, what’s not to love?! These blades are hand made in Texas by master blade-smith, Josh Fisher… but it doesn’t stop there. This is a family run business, and Josh is getting the whole family involved. His daughter, Karis, recently earned her Journeyman Blade Smith award, with the American Blade Smith Society! The whole experience is immersive, from the online presence to the packaging and everything in between.

The first knife that Josh sent me to check out is the Neches Hunter. This knife is absolutely perfect for EDC, as it’s designed for a front pocket carry. Coming in at an over all length of 6.5 inches it fits comfortably into your front pocket and, the best part, you don’t even know it’s there. Made with 1095 blade steel, this lade holds an edge well but is still easy enough to sharpen to a razor finish when the need arises. Finished with various different colors of Micarta scales.

*Noted, at the time of publishing this article, the Black Micartawas the only one currently in stock on the website for this model. They did how ever just load up the online store with their newest model, the Revere, and I’ll hopefully have a review of that one for you guys soon!

It’s all in the details!!

Other than the amazing craftsmanship of the blade itself, there are a few things that set this apart for me than most of the other fixed blades I have. Like I said before, this knife was specifically designed for front pocket carry which is distinctivein itself, but what really made this knife stand out is the beautiful leather sheath that it comes in. The uniqueness of this sheath begins with being hand crafted right here in the United States of America by Bobs Custom Saddle shop. Let me tell you it really goes perfectly with this blade. They compliment each other very well.

I don’t know about you but when I buy a handmade product I’m not buying it just for the product. Most handmade products have much more of an experience, an adventure, a story line attached to them then anything you will ever buy from the big box stores. Like I mentioned earlier this week, the experience was totally immersive. The box came wonderfully packaged in a rustic material, along with some stickers and other fun goodies. Thecompany’s Instagram feed makes it feel like you’re on a walk in the woods with Josh himself. The website dives just a little deeper into the life and story behind the maker! It’s truly shown how passionate the creators are through out the entire process from packaging, to advertisement, to the content on their pages. Kudos!

So I guess what I’m trying to tell you is I’m really, reallyenjoying this knife and I’m not likely to take it out of my pocket anytime soon! If you haven’t yet, go check out 1558 Knife Co and see if you can grab yourself one of these before they are all sold out! I promise you won’t be disappointed, and I am a man of my word. Stay tuned for more gear reviews and content in general based around the 1558 lineup!

Check out more from 1558 Knife co. on their website at

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