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Maybe I Should Do This With All My Fixed Blade Knives!

Updated: Jun 14

How to: Knife Handle Paracord Wrap

So you have a fixed blade knife that has a paracord wrapped handle but you’re getting bored of that color and you want to change it up. It’s a fairly simple task, and you don’t need to know the ins and outs of knots to get it done.

You’ll need:

  • Paracord: length depends on the size of the knife, but I always like to have more than I need.  For a 6.5” overall length, 3-3.5 ft should be fine.

  • A good pair of scissors

  • Lighter: A torch is ideal but a plain old bic will do just fine.

So first you’ll want to get the old wrap off. You can do this by simply cutting it off, but if you want to keep the paracord for future projects, then I’d suggest cutting or undoing the last knot and pulling it apart that way. If you chose do do it that way, you can also get an idea of how to wrap the paracord around the knife.

Next you’ll want to find a starting point. Most knives have  holes drilled out in the handle to take weight off, so you’ll want to use the last and first holes. If your knife doesn’t have holes that’s ok, just lay a piece parallel with the handle. You’ll want to make sure you leave enough out so that when we’re finished you have enough to tie a knot at the end.

After you’ve found your starting point, you’ll want to make sure to keep the paracord tight against the handle as you start literally wrapping the paracord around the handle. You’ll want to continue doing so until you’ve reached the point that you’ve run out of handle. If you’ve used the last hole on the handle, what you’ll want to do is run the end of your paracord through the hole again so that you can tie a regular overhand not tight to that hole which will keep your paracord from sliding off.

After you’ve gotten that knot tightened, take what you have left, which should be 2 separate ends, find your desired length, whatever is comfortable to you, and tie a double overhand knot, or if you’ve dabbled in paracord before, you can tie a fancier knot like a diamond knot at the end.

Once you’ve tied your know, simply take your scissors and cut off the excess on both strands. After you make your cut, you’ll take your light and melt the ends just a bit and then take the metal of your lighter and press it to the melted end to seal it and keep it from fraying.

That’s it. Now you have a paracord wrapped knife. Now you can un wrap and re wrap any time you’d like just following these simple instructions. 





Phil has a ton of other awesome stuff on his YouTube channel you can check out here!

And if you need some paracord check out these colors!

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