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Lost Raven Chronicles : Entry Two

Updated: Mar 19

I can’t breathe, something heavy is on my chest. I can’t open my eyes. All I can feel is dirt covering my face. I hear birds or something making noise around me, last I remembered I was still inside though. How did birds get inside? Why is my chest hurting so bad? Where the hell did this dirt come from? What is happening to me? A million questions are flooding my mind. But I can’t open my eyes. Wait, what is that? Something’s pecking at my face. What the hell? I started to panic but realized whatever it was, was actually picking the dirt off my eyes.

Finally, I was able to see. Once I opened my eyes I saw it,a large black bird… a Raven. His feathers where as black as the nights sky, and his eyes seemed to be deeper than the ocean itself. When I made eye contact with him, I swear it was like looking into a human’s eyes. I could see into this bird’s soul.

After he cleaned my face up, I thanked him for helping me out. Once I could see what I was doing I was able to free my hands and get out from under the large beam that had fallen on my chest. I slowly stood up and made sure everything was still attached. No limbs missing, thank God. A little beat up but everything was still where it should be, little bloody and bruised, but nothing life threatening.

I got a better look at the Raven, and realized he was also in pretty rough shape. I’m not sure he could even actually fly because he just hopped towards the door. He kept looking back at me every few steps, like he wanted me to follow him… but I wanted to go check the rest of the house for survivors. I walked down the hallway; the bird followed. When I opened the door, I almost fell. The room that should have been there was gone. Fallen into a giant crack in the ground. Like it never even existed. I slowly turned back and headed down the hallway.

The bird was still there. Just staring at me. I guess he can’t fly very well with feathers like that, all burnt up like they were. I crouched down and extended my hand towards him. He hopped right up to me… again, like he knew me. Wasn’t scared at all. The only thing I could think of at that time was to introduce myself. To a bird… yeah, I know how that sounds. Like I said before, there was something different about this guy though. His eyes. Something about his eyes. He looked like he’s been through some stuff, kinda like me, I guess. Birds of a feather flock together, right?

“Alright bird, let’s figure out what’s going on out there…first let’s come up with a name for you.” I said to him as I stood back up. He started hopping behind me, I held out my hand, and he half attempted to fly up onto my shoulder. I nudged him up. He looked over at me and nodded his head. As if to thank me for the help.

“Maverick. That’s your name.” It just clicked. I suppose I always thought of myself as a maverick… a little different than the rest, but always true to myself. He ruffled his feathers, or what was left of them, to show his gratitude.

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