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Lost Raven Chronicles : Entry Three

Updated: Feb 4

I perched up on Aiden’s shoulder as we made our way to the front door. When he opened what can only be described as a fraction of a front door and saw what was left of the neighborhood in front of him, he just stood there… silent. He didn’t move, didn’t gasp… just stared. Speechless. Motionless.

The row of buildings across the street were gone… there wasn’t a pile of rubble or anything, just… gone. A crack in the ground where they used to stand tall. The crack spanned on for as far as the eye could see, zig zagging back and forth across the horizon. A thick haze filled the air, somewhere between smoke and fog.Couldn’t see more than a few steps in. Some other animals scampered around the ground, seemingly lost and nervous to approach the big crack. As far as humans… we’ll, it seems like Aiden was going to be on his own for a while.

It doesn’t seem like he remembers anything that happened before the earth shaking started. Aiden must have hit his head pretty hard. He’s still looking for his friends but most of the others started leaving weeks ago, I wonder where they went or if he’ll even be able to find them. I can’t even be sure why he hadn’t gone along with the others to begin with.

Aiden turned to me with a sad look on his face, he said, “I know they said it was gonna be bad, but I didn’t expect it to be like this. If we are going to make it out here, we’re gonna need some supplies.” He turned around and walked toward the back of the house, another small building stood behind the home. Seemed as if it had not really been affected by all the destruction. He walked to the large door and pushed it upwards, the building was full of tools of all different varieties. He grabbed a back pack hanging on the wall and put it on the work bench. He flipped through a pile of magazines that were scattered about until he found the one he was looking for. The cover read,“Rugged on the Rocks: A Guide for Self Reliant Living”. He opened it up and started pointing at different pictures.

“See if you can find any of this stuff…” he said to me. We quickly picked through the shelves and cabinets until we had the bag filled with a good amount of gear. A tarp for shelter, a blanket, knife, hatchet, flashlight, some first aid supplies and a bunch of other things that might come in handy when navigating a post apocalyptic landscape… like we’ve found ourselves in.

Aiden walked over to another locked cabinet, fumbled through his pockets for some keys, and unlocked it. When he opened it up he knew exactly what he was looking for, a rather hefty, well built military-style looking firearm. He strapped that to the full back pack, threw it over his shoulders and said, “Alright Maverick, I think we’re all set. We don’t have much time before sunset so why don’t we see what food we can find in the house. We’ll make camp here tonight and head out when the sun comes up.”

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