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Hands Down. This Might Be My Favorite Flashlight. The Olight Baton 3 Pro Max Goes On Sale Tomorrow!

I've got something to share that'll light up your world—the Baton 3 Pro Max EDC Flashlight. This bad boy is a game-changer, and let me tell you why.

First off, this flashlight means business. With a max output of 2,500 lumens, it's got the power to handle any demanding situation you throw its way. Whether you're working late on the job site or going on a backcountry adventure, this beast has got your back.

And get this, it's packing a 5000mAh battery that keeps it shining for up to 60 days in Moonlight mode. But don't worry, even in High mode, you'll get over 5 hours of runtime. That's plenty of light for those long workdays and outdoor escapades.

The "Shake to Awake" feature is pure genius. Just give it a quick shake, and you'll know how much juice is left in that battery. No more fumbling in the dark, fellas. The battery indicator's got your back, showing green, orange, or red to let you know the charge level.

Now, here's what sets it apart—the Magnesium Alloy construction. This makes it super lightweight, and at the same time, tough as nails. It's 1/4 the density of steel and 2/3 that of aluminum. Plus, Magnesium Alloy has excellent impact resistance and heat dissipation properties.

You'll love the user-friendly interface. The enlarged, recessed side switch is a breeze to operate, and it prevents any accidental activations. No more wasting battery power by mistake when it gets turned on in your pocket.

Now, the included L-stand is a cool idea. It's made of magnetic stainless steel, so you can conveniently store the Baton 3 Pro Max and always find it easily in your tool or truck box. .

This flashlight offers three color temperature options (for the black model only), giving you versatility in your lighting preferences.

In terms of lighting levels, you've got five to choose from, ranging from 2,500 lumens down to 1 lumen. The runtimes are impressive too, from minutes to hours and even 60 days in that Moonlight mode.

And the technical stuff? It's waterproof with an IPX8 rating, so it can handle the elements. It's got a medium size form factor, making it easy to carry around in your toolbox, every day bag or even your pocket. It's built to last, and with proper care, it'll stay by your side for a long time.

In the package, you'll get the Baton 3 Pro Max (Battery Included), MCC3 Charging Cable, L-shape Stand, Pouch, and User Manual. Olight's got you covered with everything you need to make the most of this flashlight.

The Baton 3 Pro Max EDC Flashlight is the ultimate tool for us blue-collar workers. It's bright, powerful, and rugged, just like us. With its impressive features and top-notch build, it's worth every penny of that $89.99 price tag. Whether you're camping, hiking, working, or just need a reliable flashlight, this one's got your back. Get yourself one, and you won't be disappointed. Oh yeah, did I mention that Olight is having a huge flash sale on their website this week? Go check it out here for huge discounts on a wide variety of their products! Olight has sales going on from 8/8/23 through 8/10/23 on different products so if the Baton doesn't check all the boxes for you check out their other stuff. I'm sure they have something that will! Also make sure to use code "LRC10" at checkout for an extra discount!!

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