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Fire House Coffee Review and Giveaway Details

It’s 5am on a Saturday morning. You roll out of bed, slip into those comfortable crocs everyone is jealous of you for, and you zombie walk to the kitchen. You let out a big yawn that’ll scare away any monster hiding in the closet, and you start your prep.

If you’re anything like me, you want that liquid gold as soon as possible, so into the drip we go. I fill the pot with water and pour it in the reservoir. I reach into the cabinet and grab some of my favorite coffee, Fire Department Coffee medium roast. A medium bodied coffee full of flavor, and a delicious scent that fills the entire house. Mmmm….

Anyway,  I grab that, and the grinder, and go to work. I grind the beans into a somewhat fine but not too fine consistency so we don’t get any grounds into our pot.

Once we’re done with that we hit our desired cups and press play. You stand there waiting impatiently doing a little dance for the coffee gods while waiting for the brew to finish.

You pour yourself a cup, and take a big whiff of that sweet almost chocolatey aroma. You make it the way you like it, personally I like mine with a splash of French vanilla, and take that first sip.

It’s like an explosion of flavor. Smooth, full bodied in every cup. I get notes of chocolate and hazelnut, but everyone’s palate is different, so you may taste something different. To me it’s very low on the acidity scale so no heartburn with this stuff. Zero bitterness from start to finish, it’s a sweet taste but not overly sweet.

I’ve tried a lot of different coffees. I have to say that this medium roast from Fire Department Coffee is up there on the top 5 list’ because of its smooth flavor and bold taste. I really don’t have anything bad to say about the flavor in any way.

So all in all, it’s a great tasting coffee that will wake you up each and every morning with that sweet aroma and smooth taste. Fire Department Coffee is a veteran owned business, founded by CEO Luke Schneider, who’s a retired firefighter/paramedic and and US Navy veteran and Jason Patton who is currently a full time firefighter and VP of FDC. Check them out online or the link provided and see what they have to offer. You can also get almost any of their great coffees in k cups if you’re into that, grab some swag like a shirt or mug to help support a veteran owned and operated company.

Ok so now the Giveaway details I promised you...



The season of giving is approaching and what better way to kick it off than with coffee?!


I’ve teamed up with @firedeptcoffee to giveaway 2 bags of their amazingly delicious coffees, their Medium Roast (my personal favorite, check out my review), and a new Spirit Infused Blend, Cherry Vanilla Bourbon!


Along side those delicious coffees, I will be adding stickers from Fire Dept. Coffee and a mug from yours truly!


To enter, show me how you coffee. I want to see you coffee photos. I want to see you drinking coffee in unique places or in badass mugs.


Just use the hashtag #coffeewithruthless in your Instagram photos to be entered. this will run for a week and at the end of that week, myself and my team of judges will pick our favorites and then the rest is up to the community. I’ll do it bracket style until we determine a winner!


By : Phil Spano


Lead Content Creator


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