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Depression… Meh…

Hey there. My name is Phil, I run @theruthlessproject over on Instagram. If you know me, you know I talk a lot about mental health and more specifically ending the stigma around men’s mental health.  I am in no way shape or form a professional, I’m just a dude trying to get other dudes to be okay.

While it may seem easy to brush it off and have a drink or take a breather, things just don’t go away that easily. You could have some underlying trauma that happened as a kid or more recently and it’s just eating away at you more and more each day.

You hear things like “be a man, don’t talk about your feelings, that’s not what men do.” Perhaps that’s why we die so young? Maybe that’s why we have more heart attacks? Maybe that’s why we lead the race in suicides?

Depression can sneak up on you at any time. It can make you feel alone in a room full of people. Depression comes and goes, sometimes can last just a day and sometimes it can go on for months.

There is no one particular thing that can set off depression. You could hear a song from your old high school days that brings back memories of being bullied or turned down by that girl you liked. You could see a billboard with a person on it who reminds you of someone close to you that you don’t speak to anymore. Could be family issues, work issues,  relationship, current events, basically anything.

When it hits, it hurts. You want to be alone. You get angry, distant, and even sad. You may cry, you may lash out at the ones who love you.

None of this is necessarily avoidable, but there is help out there. Reach out to a friend, find yourself a professional to talk to, just do something to help yourself.

Don’t add to the statistics. Don’t be the guy who thinks he’s too hard or that he’ll be called a pussy if you seek help. Be the guy who did something. The guy who fought against his demons and the negativity, the guy who carried on and took the steps to be a better and happier person for his people. Get the help, it won’t change anything overnight, and life may never be what your version of the perfect life should be, but do something for yourself and get the help you need. You deserve it.




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