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Coffee; more than just a beverage.

We sit around a table or couch or whatever with someone, or just even with one of our own personalities. We talk about life, things that may be going great for us, the secrets of life, the secrets of the government, aliens, the weather, or things that may be ripping us apart on the inside. Or maybe a friend came over because they’re going through something and having a rough time and just needs someone to listen. 

What’s the first thing we do? We make coffee of course. You add your water, grab your Fire Dept. Coffee, grind your beans, pop in a filter and add the perfect amount of the ground beans into it, then you hit play. Your coffee maker makes all kinds of noises while it heats up to that perfect temperature to get the brew started, and then, it starts. Drip by delicious drip into the carafe until it’s finally ready.

That first pour is like a sigh of relief. You know once that happens the conversation really starts. You pour a cup for your friend and one for yourself and then dive in head first.

Where I’m going with this is that coffee helps make things easier to take in or talk about. Having a cup of coffee with someone in your life can help ease the pain of the daily struggle, or help you catch up with someone you haven’t seen in the longest time. It’s a conversation starter in itself, ask Jules. 

Coffee brings people together in a way no one truly understands, it calms us when nerves are high, it gets us going in the morning or during that afternoon slump. It’s there for us when we can’t sleep at night, or when we just want to curl up with some call of duty or a book, if you’re into that, and relax.

Believe it or not though, coffee does a lot for our overall health as well. It’s an obvious mood booster, you’ll wake up feeling like you want to step into traffic until that first sip hits and then all is right in the world. The sweet nectar can also lower your chances of getting kidney stones, fellas, do I even have to go further than that?  It can help lower your risk of certain cancers like Melanoma, or help protect you against liver cancer. It’ll boots your memory so you won’t forget to pick the kids up from school. So it’ll also help keep you out of fights with the wife.

Those are just a handful of the benefits of coffee. There are negatives of course just like with anything, like caffeine overdose or insomnia for some. But if the caffeine has an opposite affect on you, you may want to check in with a neurologist as there may be some signs of autism or adhd. I don’t want to tell you to drink coffee in moderation, no one knows your body and mind like you do, so just be sure not to over do it if your body can’t handle it.

So no matter what time of day, what is going on inside your head space, or what your cousin Vinny from Brooklyn has been up to, brew yourself a pot and let the conversation flow. 

*Not all coffee is the same though. My preferred brew is the medium roast by Fire Department Coffee. It’s a very smooth cup pour after pour. This is some serious gourmet shit. Check the link in my instagram bio to try some for yourself.*




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