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Chronicles of The Lost Raven : Entry one

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

The man struggled to breathe, A splintered piece of wood lay across his chest. He couldn’t open his eyes without first brushing the debris off his face, the problem being he couldn’t exactly reach his face; as much as he tried.

I wanted to fly down and try to help him but didn’t want to scare him. I let out a loud croak to let him know I was there, but he didn’t seem to notice. I then flew down next to his face and started picking off the pieces of debris, one by one. Startled at first, the man quickly ignored his fear when he realized I was helping. Once he opened his eyes he jumped again, he looked frightened when he saw me! I didn’t understand why at the time.

He then was able to wiggle his arms free and slide out from underneath the large wooden beam that had fallen on top of him. Before this moment I hadn’t seen another living thing since the day the earth shook, but he and I couldn’t be the only ones left. Scared and disoriented the man gently stood up and got his bearings about him. He looked at me again and said, “thanks for the help bird, but you don’t look so good yourself.”

I was burned, most of my feathers on the left side singed and a few cuts on my body. One larger one on my face. I couldn’t fly so great so I hopped toward the door, I wanted him to follow me outside so he could see what he was up against. He ignored me and tried to make his way around the house, calling out a few names, nobody responded. I followed him down the hallway, and when he opened the door, the room that should have been on the other side was gone. Most of it had fallen into a crack in the ground. He slammed the door shut and quickly turned back down the hallway. When he saw me there, he said “Oh, you’re still here? I guess you can’t fly very well with feathers like that, can you?“ He then introduced himself as Aiden, as he crouched down and extended his hand towards me.

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