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Brunt Workwear - Marin 6” comp toe boot review

Updated: Jan 11

If you’ve been around the instagram everyday carry scene for a while or if you’re a blue collar worker, I’m sure you’ve heard the name. Brunt Workwear. Boy does that name fit.

Brunt Workwear was founded around 2020. Built from the idea that blue collar workers need blue collar boots and clothing that will withstand the elements and beg for more without costing half a paycheck. Started by Eric Girouard, who came from a blue collar background in roofing and landscaping, he found himself surrounded by hard working people who he felt needed better options for workwear. 

A college graduate in business, Eric found himself working side by side with some of his blue collar buddies to build Brunt Workwear literally from the ground up. They started with footwear and then got into the clothing game where they now offer a variety of pants, shirts, outerwear, and of course six different types of boots. 

Brunt strives to keep the buyers cost down while delivering a quality product that will take a blue collar beating, and boy did they do that. 

I got myself a pair of the Marin 6” comp toe boots to give Brunt a shot. Now I’ve been in the trades since I was 17. I went to vocational school for HVAC, then did some property maintenance, and now I’m back in the HVAC field where I’m a Service Technician in the UA Local 009.

I’m also a big dude. I’m not easy on my things and I’m not the best at taking care of stuff. 

I opened this box and it seemed like a gold light shined straight out of it like I was Vincent Vega opening the case. The leather was top notch, the stitching was solid, they have a non slip sole, and of course the Brunt lace tags.

I couldn’t try these on in store as they are an online retailer, but the fit is true to size, so if you’re a size 12, get a size 12. I laced these things up, put them on and it was like putting my feet into a cloud. The fit is perfect, they’re comfortable right out of the box with virtually no break in time needed. 

I put some leather balm on them to help with the weather proofing and wiped them clean with the shop rag you get with every pair and off to work I went.

That was over a year ago. I’m wearing them right now as I type this out. I’ve been wearing them everyday for over 15 hours a day in some dirty, dank, smelly, and unforgiving places. 

They look worn in. The sole has started to wear away in my hot spots, I’m heavy on my heels and off to the side a bit, but they’re still solid. Still slip resistant, still water proof, still comfortable.  These boots come with a triple layer comfort insole which is adjustable depending on the width of your foot. Those have definitely seen better days, but for a one year old pair of boots that don’t get treated well, they’re doing just fine.

I’ve tried many different brands, Red Wing, Wolverine, Danner, Columbia, Carhartt, and Ariat just to name a few and they don’t come close to the comfort of the Marins. 

In the longevity of the boot, the Red Wing King Toe has them beat, but for a boot that costs half the price, a year of hard use isn’t so bad. Coming in at $145 for the Marin Comp Toe boot, you can’t beat them. 

If you haven’t yet, go give them a follow on Instagram and see what they’re all about. They’re very involved with the blue collar community and very active on social media. The company is amazing and always responds to messages. They were generous enough to send the winner of a raffle I held around Christmas, a pair of boots of their choice, so they are a top notch, customer service based company.

The Marin Comp Toe, from Brunt Workwear. Check them out. You won’t regret it.




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