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Benchmade VS Spyderco

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Are you Team Benchmade or Team Spyderco? If you say it doesn’t matter to you, that’s only because you haven’t spent enough time around knives! This is as serious a question as whether you where Team Edward or Team Jacob when the “Twilight” movies came out… even if you didn’t care and didn’t want to have an opinion, we all know in the back of your head you were rooting for someone! Ahem, team Jacob all day.

Back to our scheduled programming… according to Wikipedia, Spyderco knives performs roughly about 10 million dollars a year in annual revenue. Benchmade knives on the other hand did a staggering estimated 66.49 million dollars in sales last year, according to Dun & Bradstreet (! Based on numbers alone, I think it’s pretty clear which one is the fan favorite. That being said, there are numerous different variables that could make for such a drastic difference in year-end totals,so let’s not look at that information alone.

If you ask me, Benchmade makes hard-use, hardworking knives . Spyderco on the other hand makes pretty, eye catching, esthetically pleasing knives. Now I know that will be an unpopular opinion for many of you, but I’ve carried a handful of different Benchmade knives over the years, and let me tell you they stood up to pretty much anything I put them through. They are built with high quality steels and topnotch materials.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Spyderco knives also makes a great product with excellent materials. My problem with Spyderco is that most of their blades have a similar “blade profile” and nothing about that shape screams “hard work”at me. Like I said earlier, they sure are pretty though ! Unfortunately, pretty isn’t what I’m searching for when I’m looking for a tool that’s going to be closest to me every minute of the day. No thank you.

For that give me a Griptilian, a Triage or even an Adams! Now those babies are a few Benchmade blades that scream “hard work” and live up to my expectations.

Clearly, If I had to choose a side, I’m team Benchmade all the way. The Spyderco Fanboys can keep their Spydie Flick!

That being said, Spyderco has earned two points of redemption in my eyes that should be noted. First, the Spyderco Smock - made in collaboration with Kevin Smock, is one of my all-time favorite knives. This blade is also a bit unlike anything else Spyderco has ever done. This is exactly why I like it so much! The second idea I’ve always been impressed with by Spyderco is their “Salt” line of knives. A dedicated line of blades specifically designed for use in and around the elements. Their stainless steel H1 blade, and other corrosion resistant materials, make these knives ideal for any outdoorsman, military personnel and/or first responders. This precise line of blades alone has gained respect from me, as well as from many others. I will always give credit when credit is due!

So, let me know in the comments which team are you? Team Edward or Team Ja- I’m sorry, I meant to ask, Team Benchmade or Team Spyderco?? Although each brand has obvious pro’s and con’s, Benchmade will always have my heart!

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