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Are you a Prepper? A Survivalist? A homesteader?

The Modern Mindset of Self-Sufficiency.

This might be an unpopular opinion but EDC, Prepping, Survivalism, and Homesteading are all essentially one in the Same.

With the rise of technology and globalization, many individuals have found themselves seeking a greater level of self-sufficiency and independence in their daily lives. From one end of the spectrum to another this trend is taking hold in various communities and is bringing about a new wave of self-reliant thinking.

Everyday carry gear, often referred to as EDC, is a collection of items that one carries with them on a daily basis to prepare for unexpected events or situations. Examples of EDC gear can include a pocket knife, fire starter, water bottle, or flashlight. EDC gear is designed to help one be better prepared for every day life and to help them live it more comfortably.

Prepping is similar in that it involves the act of preparing for future events or disasters, with a focus on survival. This can include stockpiling food, water, and medical supplies, as well as having a plan for communication, transportation, and shelter. Prepping is about having the resources to sustain oneself in times of crisis as well as in day to day life.

Survivalism is a term used to describe a set of skills and techniques used to survive in various environments. This can range from wilderness survival to urban survival, and includes knowledge of food and water procurement, shelter building, and self-defense. The key aspect of survivalism is self-reliance, with the goal of surviving and thriving in adverse and also not so adverse conditions.

Homesteading is a lifestyle that emphasizes self-sufficiency and independence through the use of skills such as gardening, raising livestock, and preserving food. Homesteaders aim to live off of what they have and what they can provide for themselves, to be self-sufficient, and to be in control of their own lives and well-being.

When viewed as a whole, these lifestyle choices and activities can all be seen as part of a larger, overarching trend of self-sufficiency and independence. The modern mindset of self-reliance is about being prepared, having the skills and knowledge to take care of yourself, and having the resources to do so. It's about having control over one's own life and being ready for whatever challenges may arise.

While each of these communities may have their own distinct focus, the underlying principles and motivations are the same. Whether it is the focus on survival skills, the desire to be self-sufficient, or the drive to have control over one's own life, the modern mindset of self-reliance is a trend that continues to grow. Ultimately, it is about being prepared for anything that life may throw at us and being able to deal with it accordingly.

Do you put yourself in one of these categories specifically? I'd love to hear your thoughts! For me personally I started off in the Every Day Carry world. Having the tools on my person that I needed to get through my every day life both at work and at home just made sense to me. As I got a little older and started a family I started to apply that same mindset to our lives as a unit. It made sense to be a little more prepared for adverse situations in life when having two small children so EDC turned into "prepping" when I added go bags, tire repair kits, snacks, some tools and some extra clothes to our cars. Again, it just made sense to be ready for whatever the day might throw at us. When the world got a little out of control in 2020 it now made sense for me and my wife to start applying these mindsets to our home. If our home can provide as many Necceseties as possible then the inconvenience of supply chains issues aren't such a problem. Enter "homesteading". Now if you tie all these things together, they really aren't a seperate thing any more. They are all just part of living a more self reliant lifestyle. Living a lifestyle that starts to remove you from having to rely on a system that to be quite frank is often broken.

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